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  • MR2 Performance Shifter - 011407
  • MR2 Performance Shifter - 011407
  • MR2 Performance Shifter - 011407
  • MR2 Performance Shifter - 011407
Item #: 011407
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    The Racer X Fabrication performance shifter was designed specifically for the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2. The Racer X shifter eliminates the OEM polymer cup which is often found completely worn out and falling apart after 30 years. The shift lever is cut from 7075-T6 aluminum and features a large oval pocket for extra clearance around the bell crank at the base. It uses an oil impregnated bronze insert for low friction rotation and effortless shifting. The base components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and use precision ball bearings for easy side to side movement. Finally, the bell crank is engaged with another 7075-T6 aluminum gear selector pin and uses a delrin bushing for smooth transitions between gears. The shifter socket utilizes adjustable limiters, which reduces over-throw that is commonly found in OEM type shifters. When adjusted properly, this will translate into less movement during shifting. The shifter also includes a new spring which is 25% stiffer than OEM and makes for a snappy neutral return. MUST BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE RACER X MR2 SHIFTER BOX.

    **NOTE: Does not include shifter box, shifter surround or shift knob.

    What's Included

    • (1) Racer X Shifter lever
    • (1) Racer X shifter socket mounting assembly
    • (1) Racer X shifter spring
    • (1) Racer X gear selector pin
    • (1) Racer X delrin bushing


    • 1991-1995 Toyota MR2
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 2
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 3
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 4


    Proposition 65

    Off Road Use Only

    WARNING: Racer X Fabrication products are intended for off-road / competition use only and may never be used on a public road.