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est. 2009

We want to bring customers an unique experience as a one-stop facility that offers it all. We are one of the few companies where all products are designed, developed, tested, fabricated and shipped, all from the same location. We do not and will not outsource our products. EVER.

We use only the highest quality materials when manufacturing our products. We do not sacrifice quality to make a profit.

We also believe in vertical integration. We often purchase or build new equipment to maintain the ability to manufacture all of our products from start to finish at Racer X Fabrication.

Racer X Fabrication is born, bred, and built in the USA.

Why Racer X?

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: We provide exceptional response and frequent updates on the products that our customers purchase.
  • QUALITY AND INNOVATION: Assurance to have products that leave our shop in the highest standard and we are always looking for new ways to improve design.
  • PROVEN AND TESTED: New products are tested before release to make sure they are functioning to the standards we designed them to.
  • REASONABLE PRICE: We provide products at a reasonable priceand still maintain quality and design for the customer.
  • CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT: We continually drive for performance by creating new products and improving our current products.