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Enkei RPF1 Center Caps rpf1 center cap, enkei, rpf1, center caps
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    -8AN Fuel Rail Extrusion
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      Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter
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        The Racer X Fabrication Bosch fuel pressure regulator adapter is designed to be used with the popular Bosch fuel pressure regulators. The bosch 3 bar and 4 bar regulators are often used on many of today's modern fuel systems in OEM applications. The Racer X adapter allows the use of the Bosch 3 bar and 4 bar regulator to be directly adapted to any 3/4-16 RH threaded fuel rail or -8AN ORB. The adapter is threaded for a -8AN ORB for the return line and comes with a -6AN to 8AN ORB fitting. The...

        Throttle Body Flanges Mustang throttle body, RMR throttle body, MR2 throttle body, MR2 Gen 2 throttle body, MR2 Gen 3 throttle body, MR2 Gen 4 throttle body, Q45 throttle body
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