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  • MR2 Carbon Fiber Air Intake - 010803
  • MR2 Carbon Fiber Air Intake - 010803
  • MR2 Carbon Fiber Air Intake - 010803
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    Turbo Inlet Size:

    Air Intake Fittings:

    The Racer X Fabrication air intake was designed to maximize air flow, reduce heat soak and look OEM. The Racer X air intake is the largest on the market and is specifically designed to increase air flow and air speed. The air intake utilizes a large 6 inch velocity stack that tapers down to 3 inches, which increases air speed by twice as much compared to a standard 4 inch tube. It will also provide much needed clearance by the MR2 coolant neck, as all 4 inch intakes rest on the coolant neck line. We have moved away from the standard cut aluminum pipe with weld on bungs and a filter slapped on it.

    The Racer X air intake pipe is made from light weight carbon fiber. This means no more heat soak and is the first step in reducing air temp before the intercooler. The air intake is compatible with the Racer X air intake box and can be used immediately by just removing the cone filter and reinstalling into the air box.

    *Notes: MR2 air intake does NOT work with the OEM Gen 2 AFM. The Gen 2 application requires the use of an aftermarket ECM or Gen 3 ECU that eliminates the AFM. The intake bungs are not exact OEM placement and may require relocating, altering or extending the OEM hoses.

    • 6" Velocity Stack

      The Racer X carbon fiber air intake utilizes a large 6” bell mouth velocity stack for optimized air flow and increased air speed. It is designed to be used with the Racer X air intake box or separately with any standard 6” short conical filter.

    • Carbon Fiber

      With over 10 years in production and customer feedback, we have finally released the ultimate air intake for the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2. The carbon fiber construction helps to reduce engine bay heat soak, which is a common problem found with all other aluminum intakes! The carbon fiber pipe keeps intake temperatures considerably closer to ambient and provides a pleasing aesthetic to any engine bay.

    • Standard Fitting Size

      The carbon fiber intake pipe features (2) standard CNC machined -8 AN o-ring boss fittings. These can be used with any style of fitting that also uses the -8 ORB thread. We also provide -8 AN plugs when no option is selected for the fittings.

    What's Included

    • Racer X air intake pipe
    • 6" conical filter
    • Silicone coupler
    • Clamps
    • Intake fitting plugs
    • Hose barb fittings (optional)


    • 1991-1995 Toyota MR2
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 2
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 3
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 4


    • Install Time: 1 hour

    Proposition 65

    Off Road Use Only

    WARNING: Racer X Fabrication products are intended for off-road / competition use only and may never be used on a public road.