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    The Racer X Fabrication air intake box for the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2 is the only intake on the market that isolates the filter from the engine bay. The air intake box is placed by the driver side vent and allows ambient airflow to enter the intake filter. The Racer X Fabrication air intake box is the only dyno proven intake available for the MR2. While most companies are selling intakes that are comprised of a pipe bend and a filter from company XYZ, we started over. We started with a popular air intake box and re-designed it to provide optimal performance and a simplified installation.


    The Racer X Fabrication air intake box was tested on a stock MR2 (Gen 2) versus the ever-popular 4" intake with K&N filter. With our generic paper filter, we beat the K&N variant by 8whp, and 5 ft/lb torque. With a K&N panel filter installed in the Racer X air box, we put down an impressive 12 whp and 6 ft/lb torque. Yes, our air box does cost more than then competition and there is a reason...because it works. Check out the dyno results here.

    *Notes: MR2 air intake box does NOT work with the OEM Gen 2 AFM. The Gen 2 application requires the use of an aftermarket ECM or Gen 3 ECU that eliminates the AFM. The optional intake bungs are not exact OEM placement and may require relocating, altering or extending the OEM hoses.

    Intake Pipe Note

    The 4” air pipe will contact the coolant hose by the coolant neck, which is common among 4” air intakes due to their size. We use a 4” to 3” silicone transition coupler, this is slightly larger than the OEM turbo, but does seal properly with the provided clamps. If you want more clearance around the coolant hose then we would recommend the 3” pipe, which includes a 3” to 2.75” coupler for this pipe.

    What's Included

    • (1) Racer X Air intake box
    • (1) 3” or 4” intake pipe (optional fittings)
    • (4) Silicone coupler clamps
    • (2) Silicone couplers
    • (1) Set of hardware for mounting brackets
    • (1) Upper mounting bracket
    • (1) Side mounting bracket


    • 1991-1995 Toyota MR2
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 2
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 3
    • Toyota MR2 Gen 4


    Proposition 65

    Off Road Use Only

    WARNING: Racer X Fabrication products are intended for off-road / competition use only and may never be used on a public road.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Awesome Product !


    100% recommended for what I believe is the cleanest and very FUNCTIONAL "non hot engine bay air" intake for these little gem Mr2's.

    Install was straight forward and spot on.

    This company has my vote for references (and purchases) on any Mr2 owner I run into in the future.

    Thanks guys for a great product !


    Best intake setup

    • Sounds great
    • Looks awesome
    • Quality build
    • Easy%20Installation%20

    I love this intake much more than any other set up I have ever owned. The build quality is amazing! You wont find anything this nice for the price and quality. Everything looks great especially the welds on the box itself. The provided brackets and screws to hold the box up line up perfectly as well as the filter panel. I had no fitment issues of any sort and installation was straight forward. Once it's installed the box sits nicely away from the engine to avoid the heat. This set up has made the turbo spool sound a little bit louder which is fine by me:). My car feels better just with this set up alone compared to my old intake I had. Anybody who buys with will not be disappointed. It truly is a beautiful intake!