FR-S / BRZ / GT86 Coolant Overflow Tank

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We had a customer contact us recently with a small issue he was having with his coolant overflow. After a few emails he decided to have us move forward with making a custom coolant overflow for his FR-S.

The issue with the OEM coolant tank was the mounting locations. With an aftermarket radiator/fan shroud there was no mounting location for the OEM coolant tank, leaving the customer no option but to zip tie it to the nearest convenient point. He suggested two mounting locations which we used, the first being under the OEM intake box mounting tab, the second is directly behind the OEM coolant cap. These two mounting points allowed us to mount the Racer X coolant overflow tank.

The Racer X coolant overflow tank will work with the OEM radiator and OEM fan shroud. Its design and placement are similar to the OEM overflow tank, the major change is the mounting location. For those individuals that have an aftermarket radiator and a zip tied OEM coolant overflow you might want to consider this product.

As always questions and comments are welcome. Here are a few pictures.

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