• Moves throttle body forward to reduce cylinder 2/3 lean condition
  • Angled plenum after entrance of throttle body improves flow to all cylinders
  • CNC base plate offers optimal flow transition into ideal runner size
  • All parts are made in house and allows complete quality control
  • Includes brace for durability and longevity in all environments
  • Made in USA, at Racer X Fabrication

*Note: The center feed intake manifold is made to order. Please allow a 2 week lead time.

The Racer X Fabrication center feed intake manifold for the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2 / Celica is a perfect addition to any build!! Increases in horsepower and torque will vary to each build but average gains are 40 whp and 30 ft/lbs torque. The center feed intake manifold is perfect for the side mount intercooler and allows for almost OEM packaging.


The Racer X Fabrication center feed intake manifold's gains can be attributed to our plenum that is designed to eliminate the flow issues that are seen with the OEM intake manifold and increases the plenum size. The throttle body is moved forward to allow better distribution of airflow between cylinders.


  • 1991-1995 Toyota MR2 / Celica
Price: $795.00

    Throttle Body Flange:

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