Racer X Catch Can vs Knock Off Catch Can

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Racer X Catch Can vs Knock Off Catch Can

Here is the side by side comparison of the knock off catch can we purchased 3 months ago. We originally found the catch can on eBay from a company named Osias, which apparently knocks off several different catch cans from multiple companies. Lets break it down step by step to show the differences.

At first glance the catch cans do appear similar, however, when we dig a little deeper we find the differences. The knock off is completely tumble finished, while the Racer X catch can has a machined finish and the main body is buffed with an abrasive wheel. The sight glass screws on the knock off are chrome plated, while the Racer X catch can uses stainless steel hardware through the entire assembly. The o-rings on the knock off catch can are the wrong material type, satoprene, which will degrade with time and the slight amount of fuel vapor. In addition, they are sized incorrectly and tear when installed. If you ever plan to service your knock off catch can, you better buy new o-rings. The Racer X catch can uses viton o-rings, which are abrasion resistant and designed to work in oil and fuel.

See images 1-4 below.

Knock off catch can bottom on the left, Racer X catch can bottom on the right.

See images 5 & 6 below.

At the outlet of the catch cans the knock off uses a different sintered filter. It appears to be more of an air compressor disc or air tool disc than a true sintered filter, it's also bronze in color. The Racer X catch can uses an actual sintered filter that is gray in color and an appropriately sized snap ring. We were able to push out the snap ring on the knock off catch can with our finger.

See images 7 & 8 below.

Knock off catch can on the left, showing CNC laser holes for the baffles. The Racer X catch can holes are pressed on a die we made in house to form the perforation pattern. You can see the die draw which appears as a small radius on the sheet metal.

See images 9-11 below.

Finally the catch can body, we designed in 2016 and purchased a custom extrusion which required a couple thousand pounds of material to be purchased. The Racer X catch can on the right has the die draw on the inside of the bottom wall. The knock off catch can has the die draw that is on the outside toward the sight glass.

See images 12-14 below.

Here are a few photos of one of our employees holding our catch can extrusion in front of our dusty MR2, taken today, May 8th, 2019.

See images 15-16 below.

Our initial purchase of catch can extrusions.

See image 17 below.

Machining of our catch can tops in process.... oh and our shop BRZ in the background with our Racer X decal.

See image 18 below.

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