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  • The best option for setups looking for efficiency and best gains
  • Mounts plenum in trunk, isolates from engine bay heat reducing intake temps
  • Available with tapered runners, or custom tapered runners to spec
  • CNC base plate offers optimal flow transition into ideal runner size
  • Made in USA, at Racer X Fabrication

*Note: The straight runner intake manifold is made to order. Please allow a 2 week lead time.

The Racer X Fabrication straight runner intake manifold for the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2 is a perfect addition to any build!! Increases in horsepower and torque will vary to each build but average gains are 40 whp and 30 ft/lbs torque. This intake manifold is housed in the trunk of the MR2 and has the best efficiency due to the runners being almost perfectly straight. The design also allows the plenum to be isolated from the HOT engine bay and reduces intake temperatures. The straight runner intake manifold is perfect for trunk mount intercooler setups and air to water intercoolers.


The Racer X Fabrication straight runner intake manifold's gains can be attributed to a properly sized plenum and a CNC machined base plate that is used in all Racer X Fabrication intake manifolds. The base plate allows for an uninterrupted air flow entry with large velocity stacks.


  • 1991-1995 Toyota MR2
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